About our President

As an Entrepreneur and Executive focusing on emerging technologies, I am driven to help founders and inventors with game-changing ideas overcome business, legal, and financial obstacles toward achieving a widespread market adoption. 

Although addressing different problems, all of the companies that I founded or worked with have one thing in common - people behind them that strive toward pushing the boundaries of what is known. Pioneers in their own rights, their discoveries have raised the bar for the industry as a whole, in addition to bringing profit to their investors. 

I was fortunate enough to recognize the disruptive potential in the early stages of all those businesses or even concepts, and ensure they will develop, iterate, and pivot properly to see the light of the day. In that regard, my expertise lies in setting the business for scalable and rapid growth through optimizing company formation, addressing early-stage management gaps and compensation issues, defining sustainable pricing models, and managing corporate securities and capital strategies activities. 

In addition to hands-on experience in most critical strategic and daily operations, I have an academic background in relevant fields, with a JD, MBA, as well as MS degrees in Accounting, Regulatory Science, Computational Biology, and Neuroscience. All of it allows me to understand the technology and scientific concepts on a deeper level. 
As a former minor-leaguer with the Arizona Diamondbacks, I also bring the competitive spirit and athletic perseverance and commitment to the table. When you join it with science, anything is possible. 


PPM Templates for capital raises

PPM Templates

Our PPM Templates save you thousands of dollars in legal fees with the typical legal cost for a PPM preparation being $8,000 to $30,000! 

Shop our Private Placement Memorandum or PPM Templates, which are Dobb-Frank Wall Street Reform Act and JOBS ACT Compliant. They are cover-to-cover memorandums and include all 50 states NASAA legends plus the District of Columbia. 

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Raise capital with our online courses

Raise Your Own Venture Capital

This course teaches you how to deploy an operating system for the business that frees up your time to implement a capital raising strategy based on a proven process.  By aligning existing capital and refining the operations to focus on the right inflection points, we can design a capital strategy that will achieve predictable investment.  With our proven templates, we will be able to save the Company thousands in professional fees.

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Businessman hand selecting different arrows as leadership concept

Capital Strategy Consulting

Hire us to analyze your capital needs, evaluate your capital structure, and identify appropriate sources of capital (friends & family, angels, venture capital, grants, SBA-guaranteed loans, bank financing, internal cash flow, etc.) to help you achieve your full potential.

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